Southeast Exotic Pest Plant Council

SE-EPPC Board Meeting Minutes - March 20, 2001, Athens, GA

Recorded by: Lee Patrick
Edited by: Brian Bowen

Joyce Bender, VP presiding.
Brian Bowen
Chuck Bargeron
Joyce Bender
Wayne Owen
Johnny Randall
Jim Allison
Ken Langeland
Amy Ferriter
Dan Thayer
Tony Pernas
Lee Patrick
Kris Johnson
Mike Bodle
Margaret Shea
Stratford Kay
Keith Douce
Jack Ranney

  1. Revise BOD membership
    • Wayne Owen, USDA Forest Service, was nominated for BOD as GA-EPPC representative, moved, seconded, and adopted.
    • Bob Parrish BOD tenure completed, chose not be reelected; will act as chair of budget committee.
    • By laws were amended to retain immediate past-president as a BOD member for 2 year term. Dan Brown remains on the BOD.
    • Lee Patrick from TN-IPC and Mike Bodle voted to BOD. Bylaws were amended to include the newsletter editor as a BOD member.
    • Bylaws were amended for state chapters to nominate their individual representatives to the BOD.

  2. Committee reports
    • Kris Johnson, manual committee, presented an updated list of IEPP’s in natural areas of the Southeast US. GSMNP is updating the manual for TN-IPC (?). The idea to pursue SE-EPPC manual as a hardcopy document has been changed with the idea of pursuing an alternative electronic version that would build on the existing TN-IPC manual currently on line.
    • Chuck Bargeron thought this was feasible to do on the web. Chuck also discussed creating a spreadsheet that would list species and identify where current fact sheet type information resides. This would include links to these web pages. Kris will work with Chuck on developing a plan for manual and help provide ideas about how the electronic manual version and the and spreadsheet can be interactive.
    • Margaret Shea, membership committee, drafted and handed out membership brochures. Some minor errors were identified and were noted (membership dues, website address, add Mississippi). BOD members agreed to get in touch with Margaret if other corrections are identified. There was discussion about including a Charles Darwin quote that Amy would locate. There was some discussion about whether dues payment could be done by credit card. It was also recommended that box for "donation" be added to the membership form on the brochure. Margaret will send the updated draft electronically to the BOD for review. Margaret will look into printing info and making improvements by using half tones or two colors and using color paper to enhance its quality, etc. A suggestion was made that each state could put their chapter name on the cover to reduce the need to develop individual chapter membership brochures. Margaret said she would look into that.
    • Stratford Kay, education outreach committee, had some ideas 1) start endowment fund to support students and teachers for the annual meeting, 2) IEPP management workshops, 3) teacher education programs, 4) establish grant writing mechanism. It was suggested that Stratford formulate these ideas in committee and then present them.
    • Chuck Bargeron, reported on the webpage and said that past newsletters will be added to the website. Financial issues related to webpage management were discussed. Chuck said that he was spending a couple weeks or more of real time doing SE-EPPC webpage development and that this was becoming a conflict. The BOD was informed that either some financial support would be required for his time or the webpage would have minimum maintenance. Brian identified that basic maintenance was a current problem, and at this time, important updated information was left incomplete. Some cost figures were guess-estimated. It was suggested that Chuck give the BOD cost estimates for operating the webpage so the BOD could make a decision about what direction to go. It was recognized that the webpage was critical and something would need to be done.

  3. Financial/Budget Issues…Margaret Shea
    • Susie and Brian are working on a budget protocol that will provide timelines for reporting financial statements.
    • The issue related to state chapter financial reporting was restated. Besides Florida and Tennessee, the $5 membership fee due back to SE-EPPC from state chapters has not been received despite numerous requests. An improvement of handling membership forms that come to Susie was recommended. Susie will send it to the chapter treasurer and the chapter treasurer will send the $5 per member to the SE-EPPC treasurer as specified under the reporting schedule to be developed in the protocol. Checks will only be going one way.
    • Brian identified many overlapping problems relating to financial reporting and new members receiving SE-EPPC publications.

  4. Membership...
    • Dan Thayer read an email from Jackie Smith. She needs to have a contact for each chapter to provide their membership list.
    • Brian also identified the inability of state chapters to provide membership information to Jackie as a significant problem. An example was given where someone sent in money and did not receive a newsletter, etc. because the membership information was not forwarded. It was emphasized that SE-EPPC is established as an umbrella organization and state chapters are responsible for managing their own membership activities. Brian explained how this was related to reporting issues (including membership dues as gross receipts) that effects state chapters under group exemption status. It was pointed out that if state chapters don’t keep up with membership then they aren’t keeping up with the financial reporting requirement.
    • Chuck suggested using an Access database on the web to generate a membership list that could be kept current by state chapters. This would be password protected and accessible only by state chapter treasurers (or designate). This had been previously discussed and is a webpage management issue. This discussion will continue as part of a conference call to address the webpage management issues already mentioned.
    • It was suggested that a conference call be arranged between treasures/secretaries be initiated to standardize the membership mailing list with Jackie.
    • Ken Langeland brought up membership dues and issues related to FL EPPC. He voiced concern that SE-EPPC needed to have some clear goals to keep FL EPPC members interested in contributing funding through its membership dues. This led to discussion about Wildland Weeds and the SE-EPPC newsletter. Ken requested that Brian work on developing some long-term SE-EPPC goals.

  5. Newsletter and Wildland Weeds...
    • It was pointed out that the $5 contribution from each state is to provide support for printing and mailing the SE-EPPC newsletter. It was noted that FL EPPC subsidizes postage to SE-EPPC members outside Fl for WW. Brian suggested that SE-EPPC discontinue a hardcopy newsletter (retain it electronically) and focus on making WW the publication of SE-EPPC. In so doing SE-EPPC would not charge FL EPPC the $5 fee. FL would receive postage from the $5 membership dues from other states.
    • This discussion continued by recognizing that making WW a SE-EPPC publication had previously been presented to Fl BOD and its members during the business meeting at FL EPPC annual meeting last May. Amy reported that FL EPPC took a wait and see position, meaning that this transition could happen as SE-EPPC developed and showed staying power.
    • There was some discussion about advertising and the current WW contract. Discussion ensued about softening the appearance so that WW is not perceived as a chemical company trade magazine. It was pointed out by Amy and Dan T. that this was a WW publisher contract issue. Further discussion on this matter was deferred. In principle there seemed to be a consensus that softening the appearance and finding other non-chemical sponsors is desirable if WW becomes the SE-EPPC publication.
    • It was decided that a survey would be quickly devised and printed for distribution at the symposium to poll those attending. Tony agreed to oversee this activity.

  6. Draft USDA-FS Invasive Plant Species List…Wayne Owen
    • Wayne gave a brief overview of the derivation of the list but deferred detailed discussion about it because he was presenting it as a talk on Wednesday.
    • He stressed that while the deadline to receive comment is March 31, it was a soft deadline and comments would be accepted after that date.
    • If anyone hasn’t seen the list please give Wayne Owen e-mail address.

  7. NBII node and SAMAB-CESU pest plant initiative…Jack Ranney
    • Gave report.
    • Environmental assessment on AT corridor proposal accepted. SE-EPPC would be able to review and modify white paper for monitoring.
    • Jack, who authored the USDA grant proposal submitted last spring, commented on its flaws and weakness and how it could be improved. The BOD expressed great appreciation for his work and his ability to draft something under such a rigorous deadline. It was agreed that it was a good basis for other grant opportunities. Resubmitting the proposal was discussed and it was recommended that this discussion be pursued after the BOD meeting by those who wanted to pursue this action. It was generally regarded as a good idea but it was also recognized once again that submitting it with the needed changes would be difficult given the very short timeline to meet the grant deadline.
    • Critique of the grant and improvements included: did not have sufficient time to develop a theme for the grant. Should not submit proposal with so many cooperators (4 or 5). Have a good publication list for the proposal. Have a small group to hammer out what the priorities would be for the proposal. Construct contractual relationships. The proposal was too spread out and SE-EPPC had an identity problem.

  8. IRS issues
    • Brian expressed great concern that state chapters were not complying with IRS standards regarding non-profit requirements (see membership section, much of this had been covered). Joyce recommended that a firm deadline of April 30 be established for states to submit a directory of BOD members and pay state chapter membership dues. Brian pointed out that at a minimum, each state’s membership should be no less than the number of its BOD. It was emphasized how membership dues and newsletter mailing labels need to correspond (restating what had been discussed under membership and the budget sections of this meeting). It was reiterated that state chapter treasurer's need to be in contact with Susie. Chapters will send 5\member to Susie.
      • To pay for the $500group exempt application, the BOD authorized that a flat $50 fee be assessed for each state chapter who is becoming a member of SE-EPPC under group exemption. This is a one time expense SE-EPPC incurs. SE-EPPC has the authority to add (or remove chapters) on an annual basis at no addition expense. It was pointed out that the $50\state was a large savings since tax exemption, if done on a state by state basis, is a $600\application.

  9. SE-EPPC "Spring Cleaning"
    • Committees were reorganized into 4 committees with the symposium committee g as ad hoc. Members were advised to be on committees that they are actually willing to participate in and complete work. It was agreed that the real work of SE-EPPC needs to be done in committees. Each committee will submit a mission statement and list of goals to the president by the end of April.
    • Publications Committee — combined State Contacts, Manual, Publications, Webpage, and Newsletter.
      • Brian (chair), Amy Ferriter, Statford Kay, Mike Bodle, Chuck Bargeron, Richard Clements, Tony Pernas, Joyce Bender
    • Budget Committee — from Ways and Means Committee
      • Bob Parrish (chair), Brian Bowen, Susie Morton, Dan Brown, Lee Patrick
    • Membership Committee — stands alone
      • Statford Kay (chair), Dan Brown, Brian Bowen, Amy Ferriter
    • Symposium—ad hoc committee
    • Education Outreach—stands alone
      • Statford Kay (chair), Johnny Randall, Wayne Owen, Alfie Vick (?), Kristin Gounaris, Margaret Shea, Joyce Bender

  10. Elect SE-EPPC Officers...
    • Secretary—Kristin Gounaris was reelected for a 2-year term.
    • President—Dan Thayer elected for 2-year term.
    • Vice President—Joyce Bender was re-elected for a 2-year term.
    • Board at large agreed to serve another 2 year term and voted to make it official.

  11. By-laws
    • Wayne Owen was voted as a liaison to represent an agency/organization. Wayne Owen BOD membership as GA-EPPC representative was rescended and he was elected as a non-voting BOD member serving as a liaison representative to USDA Forest Service.
    • Robb Turner was absent and will be asked if he wants to participate as a liaison for SAMAB to the SE-EPPC board.
    • Article VI. Board of Directors. Section 1. amended as reads "The Board of Directors shall consist of the four (4) officers and representatives from participating states as nominated by state chapter’s Board of Directors."
    • Article VI. Board of Directors. Section 12. amended as reads "BOD may select liaisons as nonvoting members of the board to represent critical interests as determined by the board."
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