Southeast Exotic Pest Plant Council

Kenneth A. Langeland's Wildland Weeds Articles
Title Issue
The IFAS Assessment of Nonnative Plants in Natural Areas of Florida: Florida’s Land Grant College Answer to Plant Use Recommendations and Invasive Characteristics Summer-Fall 2012
How to Avoid Drift in Natural Area Herbicide Applications Spring 2010
Comparing Our Weeds Spring 2007
Invasive Species and the 2007 Farm Bill Summer 2007
Is Glyphosate Use Responsible for Global Decline in Amphibians? Summer 2006
Herbicide Advice for Homeowners Fall 2003
Merry Christmas Senna Winter 2003
Evaluation of Foliar Application Herbicides for Control of Christmas Senna Winter 2003
Evaluation of Three Glyphosate Products for Controlling Adventitious Sprouting of Melaleuca and Brazilian Pepper Tree Stumps Fall 2002
Evaluation of Herbicides to Control Carrotwood (Cupaniopsis anacardiodes) and Response Time of Herbicide Application After Felling Spring 2002
Proper uses of FLEPPC's List of Invasive Species Summer 2002
A Case of Mistaken Identity – Native and Exotic “Boston Ferns” and “Sword Ferns” Fall 2001
Florida EPPC 2001 Symposium – “Weeds in La Florida” Winter 2001
Exotic Guavas in Florida: So Delicious but – Summer 2000
Letter to the Editor Winter 2000
Bust This! Fall 1998
Torpedograss – Forage Gone Wild Summer 1998