Southeast Exotic Pest Plant Council

Amy Ferriter's Wildland Weeds Articles
Title Issue
Idaho Invasive Species News Winter 2008
Río de Hierba, Estilo Cubano Spring 2007
An Explosion in Slow Motion: Tracking the Spread of Lygodium microphyllum in Florida Spring 2006
Lygodium with Teeth Spring 2005
Notes from the Lygodium Research Review Meeting Fall 2004
TAME Melaleuca Spring 2004
Trying to Reason with Hurricane Season Winter 2004
Explore your AlterNatives: A Plant Substitution Guide for South Florida Fall 2003
Editor's Note Spring 1999
Editor's Note Summer 1999
Editor's Note Winter 1999
Internodes Fall 1998
Editor's Note Winter 1998
Old World Climbing Fern – Hitting South Florida Below the Belt Winter 1997